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  • Scheduling a Wedding

    Any couple desiring to be married in the Auburn Presbyterian Church shall first consult the Pastor. The Pastor will forward their request to the Session for approval or denial. Priority will be given to couples who are members, or in the process of becoming members of the church.
  • General arrangements and Miscellaneous Matters

    The sanctuary, chapel, and the garden are available for weddings. The sanctuary seats up to 250 persons. The chapel seats up to 75 people. All weddings in the church will be solemnly presented by the pastor of the APC. Each couple shall meet with the Pastor for pre-marital discussions.
  • Rehearsal Dinner and Reception

    Fellowship Hall is available for rehearsal dinners and receptions and should be reserved at the same time the wedding is scheduled. All catering and/or food costs shall be the responsibility of the wedding party. No smoking or alcoholic beverages shall be permitted on church premises.
  • Wedding Coordinator

    A member of Auburn Presbyterian Church shall serve as the wedding coordinator.
  • Financial Arrangements

    For members and immediate family (son, daughter, mother, father of a church member) there is no cost to the couple for the use of the sanctuary, chapel, or garden or for the Pastor’s services. Non- members will be charged fees, as set by session, for the use of the facility, other staff and for the pastor for his/her services. For more details, please contact the church secretary.